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eBay Verification Card is used for lifting your restriction on eBay account. Buy our ebay Verification Card to erase the restriction on your eBay account easily. Our eBay Verification Card is very good and secure.

About our eBay Verification Card:

1. Our card supports any name and address.

2. We provide available balance of 1$.

3. 100% working guarantee is also provided by us.

4. Delivery period is 48 working hours and for express delivery we are offering delivery period of 6 working hours for selected customers.

5. Card balance will be zero after successful confirmation.

The Things We Deliver:

1. The eBay Verification Card which is an International visa card and it consists of 16 digits card number.

2. CVV code which consists of bank name end 3 digit security code.

3. Date of expiry.

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