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Facebook Ads is an online social media advertising platform created by Facebook. In this service, advertisers pay to display brief advertisement, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Facebook ad network to web users. 

If you have got a Facebook Ads account, then it must be verified. An unverified Facebook Ads account can cause you various problems as it comes with some restrictions.

Facebook is so strict in their policy that all the Facebook Ads and Local Services advertisers who are required to complete Advanced Verification will not be eligible to have their ads appear on searches related to these services until the verification process is successfully completed.

There are a number of ways to verify a Facebook Ads account including a Facebook Ads virtual credit card. A Facebook Ads VCC is a must to verify a Facebook Ads account when the user does not have a bank account.

If you are stuck in a situation like this, we have the solution for you. We sell Facebook ads verification cards for helping people in this situation. If you want to buy one, let us know. 

Why will you take our service? Just consider the following points and then you decide:

- No credit check is required to order a virtual credit card.

- We ensure instant delivery after the order

- Our team is always dedicated to provide the best security service. You can simply avoid a credit card fraud by using our service.

- All the virtual cards in our website are free. We do not charge any additional money for making and usage of virtual cards.

- No need to reveal financial or banking details while using it.

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