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Virtual shopping cards do not have any physical appearance. They are often created through an internet website or a mobile app, sometimes being also referred to as a temporary card number or pseudo card number. The prime usage of virtual shopping cards is for online purchases. 

A virtual shopping card has the following advantages over the conventional credit cards :

- As it is a virtual card, there is nothing to worry about any theft or misuse.

- It is a prepaid card where you can define your own limit. This restricts you from being overcharged.

- A virtual shopping card is a onetime use card and it is self-destroying after 24 hours. That's how the security is enhanced largely.

- Most of the online retailers are now accepting virtual shopping cards.

- No additional service charge is applicable for using these virtual shopping cards.

We offer virtual shopping cards to keep your shopping easy and secured. If you need one, let us know. We’ll generate and send the card to you as soon as possible. 

Why will you take our service? Just consider the following points and then you decide


Our team is always dedicated to provide the best security service. You can simply avoid a credit card fraud by using our service. This card can be used only once. This card is self-destroying and it expires automatically after 24 hours so the usage period of this card is limited.


This card gives the flexibility to end user. It can be generated anytime using any amount in a large range.


All virtual cards in our website are charge free. We do not charge any additional money for usage of virtual cards.

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