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Walmart Shopping Card is a prepaid card which is one of cheapest on the market and it offers cash back rewards on certain purchases. It is used to purchase from, Murphy USA, Walmart fuel stations and from Walmart store. Buy our Walmart Shopping Card easily from us.

About our Walmart Shopping Card:

1) We are offering 3% Cash Back at, 2% Cash Back at Walmart/Murphy USA fuel stations, and 1% Cash Back at Walmart stores on certain purchases and it is up to 75$.

2) Our Walmart Shopping Card purchase fee is 1$.

3) Our card monthly fee is 5$.

4) We are providing Direct Deposit Reload fee totally free.

5) Delivery time is 2-3 working days.

The Things We Deliver:

1) The 16 digit Walmart Shopping Card number.

2) 3 digit CVV2/CVC2 code number

3) Expiration date

How Does it Work?

Walmart Shopping Card is like a normal debit/credit card. You just need to enter the 16 digit card number, date of expiry and CVV2/CVC2 code during checkout on the payment page if you are purchasing from In USA Walmart fuel stations and in Walmart stores, you just need to swipe the card to make payment during checkout. 

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